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Game Minions - the perfect pastime yellow creatures, constantly gets into various adventures.

It is difficult to find a child who did not look even once cartoon about minions. These funny kids become pets after first viewing the animated film"Despicable Me 2". The word denotes a minion baby, cutie, and this name they correspond. Minions pretty hard-working people, because they know how to do everything according to the cartoon. They cleaned the house from its owner, repaired all the damage, preparing food, even acted as nannies for children. They look rather about our heroes - men yellow oval shape, some of them had only one eye, and hairstyles they were all different. Funny minions constantly fall into funny adventures, though not always, they end with fun. If you as a cartoon came in the Spirit, you do not want to part with these fun kids, plunge into the world of free online games Minions. After a few games to play online to ever become the idol of these funny minions. You will not just shoot and run, but also to deal with logical problems. Find the picture items to collect puzzles, paint pictures - this is just a small part of the tasks that you are asked to do minions. They are restless, that every minute invent tasks and entertainment. Also, as in the cartoon, online games Minions love to cook and will teach you some of the secrets of cooking on cooking banana cake or a delicious soup. They constantly get into unpleasant situations that result in injuries. Therefore, their exact needs personal doctor and dentist, and a trauma surgeon. In addition, the minions often suffer pain in the ears and eyes, so a visit to an ophthalmologist and Laura will not hurt them. In the special moments in life minions of free online games, you have to help the girls get dressed minions. It will be special occasions like a date or even a wedding. There can not do without your taste to choose for the heroine of online games unparalleled image. In every online game you will have fun with these fun muzzles minions. However, you will realize a lot of missions that seem overwhelming at first glance. In online games Minions You can take part in the race, but first need to get to the car wash, to prepare the car for arrival.

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