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Let's get acquainted with the games Moana, which tells about the next adventure of the beautiful princess named Moana, who lived about 2000 years ago. She lived on remote oceanic islands in the days when people still believed in the deity, created idols and made sacrificial offerings. And maybe all this was true in the past really existed all these gods and demons who commanded the elements. Be that as it nebylo, princess Moana met on this fabulous island demigod named Mauy and went with him to look for his new family. The journey was quite long and was accompanied by a variety of dangers. Our brave heroes had to be face to face with a variety of real threats: natural disasters, terrible monsters, enemies and obstacles. But our heroes are not receding before difficulties and all their sufferings were eventually rewarded. Exciting game Moana were created in the animated film, but beyond that there is, and his adventures, which are not described in the film. Together with Princess Moaña you can try a different game, which certainly will please any girl. Along with it you will be doing make-up, dressing, folding puzzles, search for hidden letters, visiting spas and get into adventure. Starting to play any game with Princess Moaña, you get the pleasure of communicating with this beautiful heroine. Before you go on a trip, any girl trying to gather everything you might need it in a way. Appearance is also not in last place, and so we have to deal with choice of hairstyles, outfits and various accessories. Make a girl a stylish haircut, pick up the necessary clothing, do not forget to do makeup or tattoo. You may also have to equip princess sharp spear and paint her idol, which should protect it while traveling. Having started to play more games with Princess Moaña, you have to focus on the princess 's face, which after a long journey a little lost its beauty. Correct this by using all kinds of cosmetics. Play with Moaña not only fun, but also useful, because you also have to look for the letters of the alphabet using this powerful magnifying glass and his own observation. In addition, you expect a colorful puzzle with their favorite heroine that you want to add, arranging existing pieces of the image in its place.

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