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Game Monsters on vacation - funny story of relationships between vampires and humans.

Now all the evil of the world can be seen not only on their professional holiday, Halloween. Ghosts, ghosts, werewolves and Dracula and his relatives gathered in the animated film"Monsters on vacation." For fans of these characters have been created lots of free online games. In them you will have to fight with the skeletons, werewolves and vampires every day. You will get acquainted with the beautiful daughter of Dracula, which celebrated its 118 years. But their world is just a young girl who has become an adult. She is acquainted with the usual guy who falls in love and gets on the Monster Ball in carnival costume. Each character online games Monsters on vacation has its own character and original appearance. Everyone knows that demons and vampires eat terrible food: mice, leeches and other wildlife. But Mavis Dracula 's daughter is going to marry, the groom and she is just a simple guy. Therefore, it urgently needs a lesson on cooking in the online game. Teach a Man to cook a delicious dinner, she can treat her beloved fiance. In the online game, you will visit the kitchen Transylvanian castle to prepare dinner. After cooking you can do other exciting things. In Transylvania constantly missing things, because the favorite thing ghosts and vampires do bad things to other residents. Therefore, Mavis and her company often sent to search for the missing items. Together with them in the free online game Monsters on vacation Go to wander through the castle to explore every corner and find the hidden objects. Your brain gives charging Dracula, who treats people poorly. He considers them to be stupid, so gives you a job to check. Collect puzzles created from pictures with Dracula and his family. Online game, in which you need to be small fragments, will introduce you to a closer look at the appearance of heroes, as well as their way of life. Prove master vampire of Transylvania, you will easily cope with the conundrum. Sometimes in online games you will have to become a doctor, because characters can hurt their teeth, because they love to bite them all. Become the most important dental Transylvania, quickly ending the treatment of the beloved daughter of Dracula teeth quickly and painlessly. After all, Dracula does not like it if someone hurt his favorite girl.

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