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For a real hero in this section, there are many online games that teach new skills or hone existing help. Avengers Games were a continuation of some of Marvel comics, so a variety of stories and adventures will win every player. Join the brave and fearless heroes who are ready to fight on the side of good. You can become a true winner, defeating the enemy. You can feel in the role of Spider-Man, Batman and other super characters in The Avengers free online games. Each has its own magical abilities, and in addition, they still full of courage and guts, so they will be able to win even the most terrible evil. The free online game you will meet men of Lego. In each new game Avengers, you will meet a very different character, a very different scenario of the game. So you just need to go through each of these free online games. Together with the Avengers you can sit behind the wheel of an unusual aircraft. He looks like a space plane. But back to get it unscathed, dodging enemy aircraft and shooting at him. Each online Avengers game, you learn more about the mutant, space visitors, robots, monsters and other insidious forces. Each enemy in its dangerous and can destroy the world, harm to humanity. Only in the free online games you will learn to wield different weapons, learn about the fantastic features of each character, which aim at the destruction of evil forces. Some heroes do not even need a weapon because they bare hands able to show such strength, which is unmatched by any single scientific invention of an evil genius. All this you can learn and study in the section Avengers free online games. In addition to fighting and fighting, you can play puzzles and search for items. Pictures will tell you about the incredible adventures of Hulk, Loki, Captain America. To defeat the enemy, you need to not only skillfully wield weapons, but also to think logically, because some enemies can be overcome by cunning. In this you will help the game on the logic - puzzles, collecting items, tags and others.

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