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These beautiful and small ponies living in dreamland Equestria. This beautiful country is full of color, magic and bright lights, and even there you will meet funny and cute pony. Each of them is amazing in its own way, because it has unusual abilities. One of the main characters of free online games Twilight Sparkle, which is responsible for the magic. Her close friends - a Rarity, the main feature of which - generosity. At Rainbow Dash is the main feature - the faithful, while Fluttershy - kindness. Pinkie Pie is the most fun, because it is responsible for the joy and laughter, and Applejack for honesty. Because of these differences between the cute pony with them is always interesting to spend time in the free online games. May Little Pony will entertain you puzzles, a variety of puzzles and games of logic and memory. But the most exciting for the girls it's certainly an opportunity to dress up and make a new hairstyle your favorite heroes, they do make-up and monitor the condition. In each online game May Little Pony will be prepared for various events, and therefore need special outfits. You'll have to create images that are suitable for spring outing, for a campaign on a concert, or to travel on a picnic. But in any case, the appearance of each pony has to be perfect. This will help not only tasteful clothes, but also such things as jewelry and accessories. Create the baby ponies from the start, choosing mane, eyes, tail, putting it in bright outfits. Be the best friend of every pony that lives in Ponyville, passing it all the tests. After all, in May Little Pony Friendship - it's the most important thing. If you still do not have real friends in the free online game May Little Pony can be your company, which is not boring to spend your free time. When you get tired of putting a pony, then plug a variety of online games with pictures that need to collect from small fragments, and on them you can also see some of the adventure in May Little Pony Equestria. The magic of this fabulous country increase every baby. Even free online games on the culinary theme is very popular for its simplicity and ease. However, in May Little Pony you learn recipes of tasty dishes and can cook it under the guidance of your favorite heroine. Wonderful atmosphere of kindness and friendship in the free online game May Little Pony and their availability on the site will win any girl who at least once saw a cartoon about the country of Equestria.

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