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Games Nesquik introduced us to the rabbit who is willing to do anything for the sake of his favorite milk beverage

In a dreamland appeared naughty rabbit Nesquik. He does not hunt for carrots, because I adore chocolate. He especially likes to drink cocoa and he advises them to drink all children. After all, his favorite drink is made with milk, which is very tasty and healthy. But the rabbit is not just to get to the goodies. On the way he will meet many obstacles. Help the rabbit to play free online games such a welcome drink to drink, to get to him late in the game. That only you will not have to do with the Nesquik. Will you help him ride a skateboard on the road leading to the chocolate milk. Then one day the rabbit gets to the table of his dreams. It will appear every second drink and adorable need to be very nimble and able to have time to grab a glass of water and a rabbit. It's such a delicious thing, these milkshakes Nesquik that simply can not miss a single cup. Only with the help of your skill you will do the job completely. Caught with a rabbit on the waves of the sea in an exciting online game, you'll cut them on the board. Young children playing on the beach balls and lost all the balls in the water. They promised the rabbit his favorite treat, if it will help them collect all the toys in the waves. But in any case, do not face the menacing clouds. Funny rabbit is very fond of sports, why not just a skateboard or surfboard can be seen, but cycling will. He has many tasks ahead - to collect all the toys that are scattered over the children, not only in the sea and on the footpath. Each picked up a toy to add a few points to the total account of our hero. And how much more active play awaits you. This volleyball and tennis competitions and other adventures, which gets a cute rabbit. As long as you have fun in the course of the online games Nesquik is looking forward to when he enjoy a drink.

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