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Fire and Water games 2, 3 and 4 - is a fascinating journey of two young heroes of the winding maze game. Protagonists of this series - Fire and Water, Play directly via our website. Both heroes - dangerous elements, but they also have enemies. Remember: Fire and Water games 2, 3 and 4 hide some risks: Fire should avoid lakes, the water is afraid of molten lava, and the two heroes do not like dirt. To successfully overcome all the obstacles the game Fire and Water 2, 3 and 4, to play together, helping each other to cope with danger.Games Fire and Water 3 and 4 - is the following levels after the second game. In them you will need to enter the mysterious forest, or wander through the winding corridors of brick maze. True, the game Fire and Water 3, like other adventure games of the series, in some ways similar to each other, and from one series to the other varies only entourage. So if you are interested in the game Fire and Water 3 or 2, you'll definitely enjoy it and the fourth version of the flash-rpg.Fire and Water Game 4, as well as previous games in the series, are designed for two players. You will have a heroes Fire and Water play online, managing their characters from the keyboard. Theoretically, you can try to play the game Fire and Water 4, 3 or 2 to one, then alternately controlling one character, then another. But we want to warn you that doing it together is much more fun and interesting. If you want to play an exciting Adventure for two, then the game Fire and Water 4 and all previous quests in this series are designed specifically for you.The first levels of the game are very simple - they are designed to ensure that you learn to cope with risk and featuring characters on the board. However, from one level to the maze will become more complicated, and the danger will occur more often. A distinctive feature of the game is to fire and water level selection. Even after you pass the first maze, you can choose what level take place as follows. Before the level of the player's cards are shown, where there are already completed part of the game, and shows what a maze you can go next.It seems that these two elements are not compatible with each other, but all the rules of the game have changed. Now you and your playing partner - fire and water, you can start playing online now!

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