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On television every day there are many different contests: the correct answer to the questions and win prizes money or public recognition. Flash game "O Lucky Man" - is also a version of one of the TV show. Prizes are not promised, but it is possible to "O Lucky Man" playing online and demonstrate your erudition himself and friends. The player is asked a question to which the answer is 4. Correct, of course, only one of them. Know or guess - and you can get points on in about a lucky play online. Answered incorrectly, you will be offered on a lucky online play yet, starting first with a score of zero. In "O Lucky Man" online you can play alone, but it is worth a team and compete. As in the TV show of the lucky teen be independently answering questions. But in a difficult situation, you can click the icon of "call a friend" and the answer will appear on the screen. But not the fact that it will be correct. You can take the help of the hall, which also guarantees the right answer. Or press the chip 50-50. However, two obviously wrong answers go. Is it possible for a lucky online play, looking in the encyclopedia. Out not too honest, but effective.

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About a lucky man to play online. About a lucky online play

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