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In Oktonavty games you join the brave rescuers, helping everyone who is in trouble.

Oddly enough, but the entire population of the planet occupies a smaller area than all the seas and oceans, and the inhabitants of the earth's surface is much smaller than living under water and on land if the world has long been studied, the depths of the sea are still a mystery. Many scholars engaged in the study of water space both on the surface and under multiple layers of water on the bottom of the sink camera, fixing everything that happens, brave divers down below the surface of the sea surface, to be close to solving all the mysteries hidden in the depths of the sea, there is even a camera spies, which are made in the form of fish. The heroes of this series of games is also engaged in the study of the seas and oceans, as it is very interesting and exciting experience, and even they live on a specially equipped submarine base Oktopod to be closer to a surprising and little-studied the world, so they spend almost all their time under water. The friendly team consists of eight brave and sympathetic characters, who are always ready to help even the most tiny underwater inhabitants, because they are very often completely helpless before the violent manifestations of the mysterious underwater world. Of course, as with any team, Oktonavtov team has a captain who skillfully manages everything happening, and he, like anyone understands that each need a specific approach. Since Captain Bear still unfamiliar to you, do not know how you relate to difficulties that arise on the way, and at the team Oktanovtov way they are fairly common. If you are brave and courageous, and more responsive and inquisitive, like all Oktonavty, join their team and explore the underwater world with them. All tasks for you in one place, and you can play Oktonavtov at any time, enjoying the company of your favorite heroes, who are looking forward to your appearance. Before you open the secret doors of the underwater world, and you can get acquainted with some of its inhabitants, without any extra effort, since Oktonavtami the farthest corners of the seas and oceans are becoming available thanks to a special technique, which the team is more than enough. On special ships they move along the seabed, looking at the forests of seaweed and coral reefs. Join and play games that help you learn more about the work Oktonavtov and learn new and interesting facts straight from under the water, friends willing to share with you the knowledge and entertainment, which are under water a lot, however, the difficulties and entertainment there is an equal amount, so Be ready for anything, and the world full of mysteries will surprise you.

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