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Games Papa Louie will introduce you to a man who owns a chain of cafes and likes to get into the adventure

This fantastic city has long lived a terrific hero Louis. Everyone called him Dad because he loves children and all the inhabitants of the magical little world. Many years of Papa Louie's dreamed about his small cafe, which will come to all. And today this oddball is already a whole network of pizzerias and bistros, they are filled with appreciative customers and he needs helpers in the kitchen. You will have the opportunity not only to get acquainted with this delightful character, and work in his kitchen, to help him uncover the culinary business, and delicious food to please the residents of this town. Papa Louie wants to feed all the delicious lunch or breakfast. He has so many incredible recipes for burgers, pizza and it seems so beautiful that you will be able to see all of the visitors. Feel beris work in its cafeteria, stand behind the counter and start taking orders. No customer should not leave hungry or upset. Sometimes it is necessary to hurry up and quickly placing. But in return you get a few coins. Papa Louie is pleased with your work. Each client needs a special approach. Notice the a sauce or toppings they ask for your burger. Be careful so as not to miss a single detail in order. You will feel like a real chef, if the correct products will connect and enjoy all the kitchen appliances that you will find in the kitchen a wonderful bistro, which will be the most popular in the city. If you are afraid to bring dad Louis on his first day, then you have a chance to go through training level. There you can check the operation of all devices that will soon not waste time searching for these devices, you will learn how to combine the ingredients for these delicious dishes and how to please customers fast service. It depends on profits and the popularity of the place where you spend your time. Having dealt in this kitchen, you can easily get to work. Each level you have to be accelerated, because the number of people who want to try your food, there will be more. Learn to not be distracted and to devote himself to work, then your boss will be satisfied with the work and the customers pay back gratefully.

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