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Games Father's Daughter - the story of sisters who are familiar from many favorite of TV series

The world can be a much brighter and more fun if you have some sisters, namely 5. About this amicable, cheerful and funny girls show tells Father's Daughter. In each series, you can find something interesting, meet new characters and learn something new. Each girl's own character and its own style and hobbies. But they all share a love for my dad. The series has become so popular that children and even adults did not miss a single series. Therefore, the creators of the games of this wonderful little family has paid off with an idea. Now every fan of the series will be able to choose any character and play in her image. For all ages can be found online with the game Papa's daughter. Free you can prepare a delicious meal for her sisters and dad, if you like to tinker in the kitchen with pots and pans. You will have excellent tips that will not spoil the dish. Summer girls dream to go to the sea and collect their bags. Several online games in the genre of search captivate you in one evening. You will see the Buttons is going to a matinee, and will have to help her. A five levels of the game you have to watch the way she dressed, eating breakfast and doing other things. When Buttons go into the garden, you'll have to help Galina. Zhenya especially needs your help. Today, responsible masts football, and the apartment did not work Vasnetsov TV. Go in search of a ticket to the stadium. In the second part of the online game about the search for the girls and you will help Masha, Galina deal with their affairs. To get to know the girls, you can take a test that gets into your subconscious and will be able to find out some secrets. After answering the questions truthfully, you know, for someone of you is more like sisters. If this is Mary, the biggest fashionista, and you just need to look in the game dress up heroine. There's a closet full of stylish clothes and accessories. If the test shows that you - Galina, the Polezhaykina forward to help prepare for exams.

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