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Patience in a translation from French and means patience, which is just and necessary for the folding puzzle. Solitaire - a kind of card game, and is decomposed by certain rules to the desired result. There is hardly a person who has never laid out a solitaire online. On our site you will find a card solitaire game at any level, ranging from the simple - the spider solitaire, or headscarf, to complex and beautiful masterpieces. Online solitaire games designed for one person, where no opponent. This is a great opportunity to step back and relax. A great many office workers every day entertain themselves, expanding the famous "Solitaire." But the range of diverse puzzles. There are many types of solitaire games and solitaire games to play online for free can be to all tastes. They differ in the number of cards, rules and methods of layout. Therefore, each person can play solitaire, choosing from a variety of types of online solitaire game, which will be his liking. Games online solitaire small in size, so they can be downloaded to your computer or smartphone and play at any time. Electronic card solitaire withstand even the most weak computer. The game itself allows you to customize colors, music and play solitaire online for free with any level of complexity. You can always stop the game at a time, saving it. Unfolding Solitaire is an exciting experience that will not leave indifferent neither kids nor adults. On our site you can play solitaire without registration, it needs to run the game through the window of your browser. Play Solitaire online and get the sea of ​​positive emotions and good mood. There's no better fun at work than play solitaire online for free. Due to the different styles that developers generously added to the classic card solitaire, these games will not soon become bored. Online solitaire games require observation and care. If you love maps, and have the perseverance, you will certainly need to try to play solitaire. Allow yourself to relax a bit, and spend 15 minutes of free time for fun.

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