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Despite the fact that these insects can sting painfully, they are one of the most useful citizens of our great planet. They exist so many thousands of years and spend a sweet honey and other products. We all know that honey is very tasty and not less useful product. Bees also help exist many plants, pollinating them. You may at times feel like a bird and fly from one flower to another to pollinate it and collect pollen. Communication with bees helps to learn more about the natural world around us, to acquaint with the surrounding wildlife. On an apiary always smells fresh aromas of flowers and honey, where you can breathe clean air only. But if you are afraid to get acquainted closely with the bees, the free online games you can see them and fly with them in the apiary quite without consequences for their health. Get introduced to these hard-working people will be helpful to anyone who is too lazy to work. Bees collect pollen in the morning as long as the sun does not sit, but in online games, you can do it at any time. Open bee with a small restaurant in which it will sell raw honey or molasses, and you will manage all processes to serve customers and collect the profits. Because beekeeping is considered one of the most profitable sectors of the economy. Clients in this bee will be enough, the main thing to have time to sell all sweet goods. In the forest live wild bees, which constantly argue for a spot under a tree. Not far from the hive of their wards bees built their house enemies. You can not only see but also to take part in this battle between bees. You need to send them so to knock down the enemy hive from a tree and prove who is the real owner of this meadow. Sometimes, in the online games you have to help the protein to get home. They are so passionate about their work, which is often overlooked way to his uleyu. Spend bee home through all the obstacles.

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