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To be able to play a musical instrument - it is wonderful. But to play the piano, you need to have a tool, albeit a musical ear, and long to learn to play. And if there is no first, second - is doubtful, and want to play the piano now? Then there is a lovely way out: to open the Internet gaming site, and find the "game piano." So, you already have, you can master it. Of course, if you have speakers, headphones and even better, because not the fact that your game like the others. Button in the virtual piano, of course, smaller than that of the present, and you can play on it, only "one finger", thatis clicking the mouse on the virtual keys. But some basic skills to play the piano can be obtained. Or you can try to compose myself a simple song I play the piano a lot of versions. There is a version where the notes are written directly on the keys, and you are invited to voice repeat the notes. By the way, so you can check for the same purpose, "at least some" musical ear. But if you suddenly found out that not only the ears of a bear came, but still the elephant stamped on them, too, do not be upset. To play the piano can be virtual and without. Just not very loud.

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