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Game Poor ice cream - ice cream help restore justice, having selected fruits of the enemies

It is impossible to imagine at least one child who would not love ice cream. And how many adults ready to give everything in the heat to enjoy this cool dessert. But it is not always something that is tasty, it is useful. Sweets can hurt, especially such as these. Poor ice cream comes out fighting with useful fruit. It turns out that it can not only spoil the teeth of children, but to shoot, run, and build a frost wall. Online game about the bad ice cream is very funny, because it's so funny moves on the playing field. As a result, after passing a level, you get a lot of positive emotions. Along with him, you can move on the hot sand, being on the beach. There's ice cream will always be the way to get healthy and so fun. You can free to play with a friend in a bad ice cream. Start the game with, select a taste of his hero. Despite the fact that all the ice cream delicious, each of us have a preference. Someone does not pass by a chocolate dessert, and someone is not enough delicious strawberry ice cream. The main thing in the game is not to let the little pests get their way to ice cream melted. Helps his ice cream to build barriers in the form of blocks, which for a time will give him protection. Use the arrow keys you can increase the distance between your hero and an enemy, and with the space and destroy the wall protection system. To your favorite food was not bad, you need to quickly and deftly manage it, running away from evil creatures. When you gather together all the sweet fruit, the level will be passed and you can safely go to a new field of struggle against evil. But despite this, the walker is very nice and pleasant thanks to the vivid graphics and the auspicious hero. Tasty game character will add excitement and children's joy. For fans maynkrafta have a pleasant surprise. The game made a style, a wonderful ice cream get into a spooky world of the refrigerator, where it will be forced to flee. Different parts of the online game Poor ice cream similar to each other, unlike insignificant in the schedule, but all share a positive and brightness of graphics.

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