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In the game "Dress" happy to play many girls. But it is one thing to simply put your character, and quite another - games for girls fashion show. Print to the podium model in order to make her clothes and appreciated by professionals, much more interesting. In the game of fashion for girls young fashion designers, makeup artists invited to dress mannequins and make them make up in three styles: casual, office and elegant. Of course, for every style you need to choose a certain type of clothing. The office can not wear shorts and a T-shirt will not do elegant necklace. After an outfit for each model games for girls fashion show picked up, they need to do make-up, as appropriate. Then stylists games for girls fashion assess how successful the resulting image and tick asterisks. 5 Stars fashion game for girls are set not for everyone. But do not be. You can try one more time, and more than once. Patience and hard work will necessarily result. In the game of fashion for girls can be played alone, but you can invite friends and make a little competition, who better to clothe their model and get better grades. Either way it will be a fascinating and useful employment.

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