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Pokemon, little creatures sosverh natural abilities, invented in Japan, and in 1996 saw the light of the first two games of Pokemon. Since then, several generations came out of these games, and they enjoy playing with the children of the world. Pokemon - international game. In total there are over 600 different types of Pokemon. Each species has its own unusual abilities, commands some elements. There Pokemon fire, ice, grass, etc.etc.In the basic version of the game Pokémon, people, coaches prepare for battle of the little creatures, and they fight with each other, finding out who is stronger. Coaches do not take into battle, fight only Pokémon. Game of the main series - role. Gamers invited to catch wild Pokémon, educate and train them to determine the tactics fighting in which a Pokémon battle. Games with Pokemon, however, have a number of branches from the main line. There are games, "dress", offering to pick up clothes resembling various types of Pokemon. There are games to train visual memory cards are laid face down, it is necessary for some time to open all cards with the same pair izobrazhaniyami. There is a Pokemon game shooters, adventure games and more. We can only make a choice.

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