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Every little girl will find themselves something exciting in the world of fashion and beauty in the free online game Polly Pocket. If you are interested in fashion, pets, stylish new clothes and put things like cleanliness, in this section, online games Polly Pocket you will find for yourself interesting entertainment. Girls in these online games - best friends who share a love of beauty, cosmetics and the secrets of transformation. Polly Pocket is not just a beautiful girl who only thinks about clothes. She wants to earn money herself to buy new decorations and cosmetics. The free online game you go to the store, where Polly works as a shop. You need to help the girl cope with her ​​responsibilities. Every buyer should not leave frustrated and without purchase, a new beautiful dress will make the client better mood, and she will leave Polly good profit. In his spare time you can find Polly only in the beauty salon or the manicure room. There girl enjoys the procedures to get a beautiful and well-groomed. The free online game you can make a fabulous manicure Polly, having made up her nails a bright color and choosing a pattern. Despite the fact that the girl is very young, she wants to try on his little face scrubs and masks, to find out their effect. In your beauty salon she will not be afraid of bad consequences, because it is sure that you will do all right. Polly always wanted to get into my mother's makeup, to try bright makeup disco or walk with her friends, but it is dangerous if the mother will notice. So in your salon girl can be quiet and you'll practice on her sweet face make-up to do everyday and festive. You will have procedures in order not to make a mistake in such an important matter. At the evening disco Polly should look sparkling, because she just loves to dance. Choose for her stylish outfit, then to the free online game to help Polly dance. Using the arrows, you will make a girl to move in time with the music. In Polly 's wardrobe so many clothes that she likes to touch and periodically measure, but sometimes in the free online game you go shopping with a girl to update her wardrobe. Polly sometimes gets to the hospital, most often to the dentist, because all the little girls love sweet. Polly Cure all diseases, which will interfere with the girl live happily in her fairy-tale world

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