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Games for girls pony - a whole series of different genres of games, united by one character - a small horse pony. Pony Games - it is a very peaceful game, it's not necessary to shoot, escape from the monsters, someone win. But you can choose a most beautiful small horse, take care of it, clean, feed, and then you need to know that they love to eat ponies. You can wear a pony, but certainly not in the dress - it needs a harness. There are games for girls pony coloring pages - make his pony unusual. There are pony games - dress up - you need to take care about the proper attire and rider. And, of course, you can ride a pony, to participate in the spans and take prizes. If it will, of course, because the barriers to take pony games for girls is not so easy. It is possible to walk to the magical forest and meet unusual creatures. You can catch a runaway house. And you can find yourself a fleet of various ponies. Games pony beautiful and wholesome entertainment for the five-seven-year girls. And to make the game more fun, you can get the encyclopedia and read about the little horse pony - it's interesting. The game will please young riders and lots to teach them.

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