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Games Pou - a fun pastime with this unusual pet.

On the Internet there was an original pet. Immediately, if not impossible to tell who he was. But if you play free online games, you can fall in love with him for a good mood that he is willing to give. Presumably, Pou came to us from another unknown planet. Therefore, it looks like no one animal that exists on our planet. It resembles a large potato, come to life in online games. In our world, everything is unfamiliar to him, so you have to take care of him, to drive to the doctor and to choose clothes. The most interesting thing begins when Pou will appear girlfriend. Then he will fall into the most awkward situations. Pou wants to create a comfortable home and you will have to do its arrangement. Pou really want to learn everything that people are able to. Free Online Games Pou will wash clothes, but you must help him dismantle underwear, loaded into the machine. Sometimes Pou will be engaged in cleaning the house in which he lives. Together with this funny character you too can take part in this action, to collect all the garbage that has accumulated over a long period and put all things into place. Pou not prevent some lessons on cooking. Our hero wants to cook an apple pie online. If you do not know how, then step by step tips will help you to deal with it and the kitchen Pou soon will this sweet dish. This character is so clever already got used to life on earth, that even began to hurt. It may hurt your teeth, which you will be treated in the dental office, or in an online game Pou injured. Is engaged in treatment of this unusual character, so that he could continue to delight children with their adventures. Pou saw that each person has their own steam. Therefore, he soon decided to call his girlfriend to spend time with her. As a real girl friend Pou wants to dress nicely and do hair, but her former life was not like this, so you have to keep an eye on her appearance and choose clothes, jewelry, and new hairstyles. When will the first date Pou and his girl friend, you can attend it, to make it a romantic rendezvous. The couple needed help in the organization of secret kisses, because they have not decided on the planet to show all their senses. Therefore, no one should notice the kissing Pou and trusts you to follow this.

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