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What girl would not want to know as quickly and deftly as a mom, cook dinner? But every girl knows that this must be learned. But where is the study if to this plate are not allowed, they say, is still small. No problem, you can use a virtual kitchen. Games for girls cook is on many sites, and there you can find many delicious recipes with a story about what to do. On the virtual kitchen chef game has everything it takes to make a particular dish knives and plates, a stove and a frying pan, and of course the food. On the pages of games for girls young chef cook will tell how to cut meat for barbecue and how to marinate, like dough and how to lay the table, and will be given a number of different tips. Well, of course, offer all this is done in a virtual kitchen, and if anything remains unclear, then the game is such a chip cook, as a hint. But at the same time the game starts the timer, and if an operation of cutting-shredder is not executed in a timely manner, you will have to go back to the beginning of the game cook. But that's OK, games for girls to play good cook many times. But then, helping her mother in the kitchen of this, the little cook will know what and in what order to do, and will honor her mother's praise.

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