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Perhaps the creators of cartoons ended heroes - the animals, once they have decided to create a film about insects and it will be the protagonist of the ant flick. In addition, he will be with you to play free online games. Ant Flick History will tell us about how to flick the ants with his team confronts a gang of locusts. Flick the ant is very good, so ready to stand up for their end. Courage he does not hold even in online games. He engaged in a fight with dangerous enemies and is not afraid to look in the face of spiders. Ant invented a unique device - sweeper, but because of the imperfection of this unit could leave the whole anthill without food reserves. Its just because he came up with a way to ward off locusts from the nest. Now his name is a true hero and a brave ant. The free online games you can lay down a few pictures of the small fragments. They will show you pictures of the cartoon, which you can figure out how to flick the ant became a hero. For the more active players, you can begin the journey to Flick on a dandelion. While not in the wind scattered it all fluff, you need to collect a lot of leaves with a favorite tree ant. He probably wants to warm the winter their ant hill, so the number of leaves plays an important role. In online games, in which you need to look for items that can be understood that the flick is also in love with the Princess Atta. She can fly and will soon be headed to the throne. Atta did not immediately recognize the love and Flick did not trust him, but eventually he gained the attention of his beloved. Unpleasant to be familiar to you from the Hopper and Hammer. They are at the head of a band of locusts and Flick believes their main enemies of the anthill. After all, the pair was able to show himself as a cruel and treacherous pursuers ants. As soon as they did not try to hurt flick, but he eventually gave them to carry out their evil design. In online games,"A Bug's Life,"you see how hard it was to get the respect of the inhabitants of ant anthill and the Queen, who is the mother of Atta. Flick Help the dangerous moments in his life, playing online for free. You can show not only care, searching for items in the pictures, but also to show their ingenuity, adding scenes to piece together.

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