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In the game you will have pucca help win the attention of her beloved, going through various adventures

A lot of games dedicated to the heroes of books and comics. The same happened with the story about the little Korean girl. Pucca only 11 years old, but has been known to many around the world. She is the daughter of the owner of the restaurant in a small town of Suga. The girl really like a guy, and she tries to kiss him all the time. Garou is busy training because he has a dangerous enemy who is willing to destroy it, so he pays no attention to his little fans. And ready to become pucca in his defense, as any loving girl frightening a whole army of soldiers, if they hurt her beloved Garu. She is kind and sweet, yet no one is angry. Otherwise it's just a storm of anger. Besides the pair, there are a few characters who take part in these stories. Of the main - a friend Pukki - Ching, it is original in the fact that is a chicken on his head. We have Garou sparring partner - Abio, who always yells "cue." And what to do without the bad character. It Tobe - he's got a scar, and it is headed by the evil ninja clan. About this small, but very brave and stubborn girl, produced a lot of online games, because there are many who want to be in her place. This cutie is not be confused with anyone else, she loves the color red so the games he prevails. Free You can play puzzle with this girl or wander through the maze, but if you see kissing, then remember that it is love Pukki Garou and it must collect them all. You will not always good-natured atmosphere, sometimes Applause will meet with the sworn enemies of the Garou, which Pukki must overcome and defeat the spot for his ability to fight. She hopes to receive from Garou recognition and gratitude. There are online games where you have to drive a motorcycle or a car, which rides the girl, or have fun at the party. Do not forget that it is still a little lady who wants to look beautiful, the more it has the object of adoration, beautiful Garou. Find clothes in her closet, which -That baby ornaments and try to sculpt a vivid image of this cutie.

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