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Go to Paris, where you expect familiarity with the rat in Ratatouille games.

Krysёnok Remy is no ordinary rat, but it looks quite normal, as befits a little rat on the streets of Paris. He has highly developed instinct, this is the key difference from his other rats. None of the relatives Remy did not believe that one day his refined sense of taste will find a use, the more that krysёnok lived dreams of cooking, and it is, without a doubt, belongs to the world of people who, admittedly, not very welcome presence of rats on their kitchen. But life, of course, gives a chance to everyone who deserves it, and Remy was no exception. A difficult way of wastewater and underpasses krysёnok proved a step closer to his dream... The restaurant of the famous chef Gusteau, who believed"Anyone can cook", and he was almost right, except that his son did not refers to the number of cooks, and could zapravski spoil any dish. Meet Linguini and Remy was like a miracle of the scanned because one did not have enough talent, and the other has not been deprived of them, but looked quite unusual way. When Linguini and Remy realized that they could be happy to help each other, friendship spark between them began to burn, and teamwork brings success and joy. Of course, not without a spoon of tar, because all successful endeavors has its pitfalls, and in their case it was the chef who obviously nobody wanted to give their place in the kitchen. Sometimes it's important just to prove to yourself and others that you really are standing recognition, so bravely passed all tests, and at the moment when it's time to give up, they just started again. Perseverance heroes not only deserves special praise, but also worthy of repetition, and who, if not you will be able to cope with this task. Want to see how you persist in reaching the goal, then you can play online games Ratatouille, a rat with Remy and his remarkable good friend Linguini. You are waiting for an adventure, not only in the kitchen, but also in various places in Paris, because the lives of the characters is not always at work. Do not despair if you catch up with failure, take the example of the cartoon characters, and start again, because only strength of character will succeed. In addition to the main characters, waiting for you and other familiar characters you have"mikroshefa"all members of the pack are ready to say goodbye to his tail, just to get into the numbers game characters. Next, a new cultural achievements.

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