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Be a hero in this world is not easy, especially if you are a protein, an unremarkable, even the tail is not allocated a special fur or even a speck. All your confreres kind of exactly the same, except that only the color a bit different, is it possible to see this as a real difference?! But even ordinary, very real squirrels have their own rules of morality and survival, and taking care of their own kind is not always included in the lifestyle. So ZLYKA lived protein, and the fate of everyone around him was not worried, and because of this he has earned himself quite a bad reputation. All the animals in the park thought he was a thief and a liar, and become the hero he did not seem possible. Animal Park more were dissatisfied ZLYKA behavior and decided to expel him from the park in the city, even cruel boy friend - a little mouse buddy accidentally voted in favor of such a severe punishment. For animals city - this is a very dangerous place, and worse punishment than exile, it is difficult to come up with, but ZLYKA lucky, because he not only found a temporary shelter and met a true friend, and followed him, but still ran into a real gold mine full of nuts. It could have ended on a good note of this, because life seemed to go for the glory, and the upcoming winter was no longer a danger, because a basement full of nuts, a guarantee of well-fed and contented life, at least for proteins. But life in a room full of dangers, mousetraps and pets, and a whole lot more accustomed to in their home park. Reflecting, ZLYKA decided that if bring food, which is enough for all the animals of the park, it will deserve forgiveness and a return ticket. But this way was full of dangers because adorn so many nuts are not so easy for people here needed ingenuity and wit, which, fortunately, was not deprived ZLYKA. ZLYKA managed to change the attitude of all the animals of the park to themselves, showing yourself as a real superhero, he went to the victim, which were undoubtedly justified. Yes, to become a hero is not easy, but if nobody supports you, it is absolutely impossible. Try to be a friend to the animals of the park, for this you just need to play games real squirrel, cartoon characters are waiting for you to play, because the famine behind them, thanks ZLYKA. Along with the heroes of the cartoon, and part-time residents of the park you will need to go nuts in a large city where ZLYKA lives feel like one of those quite a stranger in a big city.

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