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When the Internet first appeared Rangers game - it was a real sensation. Gamers are completely ignorant about this game. But soon gradually gaining momentum, this game has become a leader and became the most popular among avid gamers. Now the ranger - game, adored and children, and adults. Gamers can independently participate in various battles, often traveling outside the universe. During the game, the Rangers can learn about the races, professions, skills, Rangers acquired him experience. Rangers - games that contain useful information about the planets, space ships, all kinds of gear, planetary and ground battles. As usual at the beginning of the game you will find a selection of the Rangers in five races and five professions - soldier, mercenary, merchant, privateer and pirate.Rangers game where galactic credits, which works well and smoothly all the galactic economy - the currency only people. Most of greedy Rangers bearings are purchased from various illegally to and after one party Gaalians come true. Many Rangers visit military bases to get another high rank and must be attached to it the prize.

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