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Games Reversi - a great workout for the mind, during which you'll have to take all your chips playing field.

If you think that your brain needs exercise, there is nothing better than to come up with this cult puzzle impossible. The second name of the game - Othello. Outwardly, it looks like a chess board, which consists of cells and chips, painted in two colors. Most often it is black and white. The essence of the game is to cut off their chips chips opponent. If you put a chip next to someone else and the other kotsne line will also be your trick, the trick of the enemy and turn over your will. Performing this operation with all the opponent's pieces, you'll get long-awaited victory. Reversi Online games in which you can play for free at any time, will be a great pastime for fans to think his head, to show their logical thinking and ability to act tactically. It is impossible to move the pieces at random, every move must be checked and premeditated. Can play not only a virtual enemy in a computer, and can be trained with one another. This puzzle for many years and she is still in high demand in view of its interest rules.

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