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Each had been in a pet store, but what was going on behind his closed door a little- known, but those who watched the cartoon"Fish Hooks"do not need to explain anything, because he is certain that behind closed doors, full of life, and in aquariums and terrariums live good friends . But the emphasis of science has to Fish Hooks on the lives of ordinary rybёshek who live like human beings, and also go to work and to school, and make friends and fall in love, thus creating a world that is not seen with the naked eye. And it seems that in a normal aquarium absolutely nothing can happen, but dangers lurk at every turn, whether it is a huge lobster or moray eel, which simply need to scare everyone, or simply to eat, and in fact this is the habitat of our little heroes. Milo, Oscar and the BBC - a three inseparable friends, who are always ready for an adventure, especially when they have time, and, oddly enough, they are not afraid even be outside of the aquarium, as together can get out of any situation, and no danger they transcend. A true friend is always ready to help, even exposing themselves to the dangers and moral upheaval, even if the ultimate goal would be incredibly trivial. If you are not afraid of dangers and adventures, the game Fish Hooks are sure to attract your attention, because it is in them that in abundance. And three friends, despite the fact that they fish will be very happy to help you with all the difficulties that await you at the pet store, because already know each trap lies in wait around the corner. Milo, who is known for his indefatigable character, ready to show you what is planned to carry out, but could not persuade friends on an adventure that is sure they will like, but they may not know about it. Oscar is ready to share their games, which he loves, and hopes to your help, as he passed, not all levels, and your skills will be essential in this difficult matter. Bee, in turn, produced a puzzle for you, and it is very important to know your opinion on this matter, as acting - not only her passion, she also possessed the attention to his person, and you easily can give it a couple minutes. Fish Hooks - is a whole world of exciting and surprising, full of possibilities and heroic deeds, and what characters it fish does not matter, because they do not occur less difficult situation than you.

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