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A couple of blue macaws adventurous among the colorful nature of the jungle, in bright Brazilian cities, full of carnivals. Their names Darling and Zhemchuzhinka. Looking Cartoon Rio, you will feel in the middle of this jungle, you will see all the beauty of wildlife. The name of the cartoon, and later, and free online games, got through the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. All these adventures took place just in time for the fun. For blue parrots are often hunted by poachers, and once they did catch a chick, but during transport cage dropped and picked up her baby girl. Linda began to take care of the chick, and it lasted for 15 years. The girl called him Golubchik and taught to drink cocoa and marshmallows love. It turned out that in Brazil the last girl lives a family of blue macaw. Zhemchuzhinka should not miss one, because if they do not join in a couple, then this can result in the genus. Linda decided that it should appear Ducky pet chicks, because they will be as beautiful. Linda parrot went to Brazil, but on the way they waited for a lot of adventures. The free online game you will take part in several kinds of adventures. First you have to choose a new style parrot that he was not able to find the poachers or to please fine pearls. You can experiment and dress shoes on foot, even though it may look funny. Darling had never been in the jungle, so it can easily get hurt, but there are a number, and you can not behave like a real doctor. Will shew bird care to continue the adventure. Funny quest letters should end successfully and you can play online in a memory test with the heroes Rio. You can also play online Coloring with birds, or to build a series of identical blocks. Once you get into the game online Rio on a dangerous adventure, from which the birds need to get out unharmed. According to a dangerous river will move parrots in the hope of salvation in the free online game Rio, and you will control their movement. Play online in Puzzles with parrots Golubchik and pearls fun and pleasant, because they are so colorful background on the nature of the jungle or the carnival in Rio.

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