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Games Robots dinosaurs - the opportunity to play with a variety of robots made ​​from drawings with real dinosaurs

Surely you 've read a lot and watched a transformer, but did you know that there are so-called Transformers alt form and based on the fact which of the alto forms belongs to a transformer, it is possible to determine what he will look. One of the most popular alt- forms are Zoomorph, or rather, transformers, which take the form of animals, and some of these are robot dinosaurs or Dinobot. They are a multi-ton mechanized machines that have the appearance of real dinosaurs living on earth many years ago, and this can cause enormous destruction the city, especially since it does not dismantle the road, stubbornly moving towards its goal. Although animal instincts Dinobot fighting on the side of the Autobots, and help them in the most dangerous battles, so the union Autobots and Dinobot gives excellent results, as the united power of two alto forms superior force of the enemy several times. Of course, like all transformers, they can take the form of robots, but still prefer to be in animal form, as this form of alt- makes them more powerful at times, and plus to all some can fly, while in this guise. They can fight on par with such adversaries as Megatron or demolition, and are therefore very proud of it. Dinobot quite capricious, and often pretend that they did not hear the orders of Optimus, which is the most important figure among the Autobots, which include robotic dinosaurs themselves. But the multi-ton Autobot friends that have huge dimensions as to not only people, but also other transformers still fighting side by side with both. Through trial and error Autobots managed to pacify the little temper robotic dinosaurs, although initially they nearly destroyed the entire base of the Autobots when only one attempt to present their Optimus. But as we know, the Autobots enough professional inventors, and now, when there Dinobot"power intelligence"to be afraid of them not worth it, because the alliance between them and the Autobots established for a long time. You can get acquainted with Dinobot closer, because now the game online robot dinosaurs available, and give you a chance to get to know them, and even take part in their development, as they have been created artificially, due to the increased attention the Autobots to this form of life when -That dwelling on the earth.

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