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On this magical farm animals behave like humans. They are able to do the same thing as we are very cheerful way of life, which is full of fun and humor. The cartoons about the funny farm, Horns and Hoofs can see a wide variety of characters will live plants and machines. The free online games can be on par with the animals living on the farm, take part in the merriment. Everybody thinks that life on the farm boring, because you have a lot of work, but with this farm animals prove that does not go a minute without incident and laughing. Every day they have festivals and competitions. At the head of the company and all the animals are mule Miles and Ben Bull. But even on this fun farm do without bandits. Dag and his gang of coyotes are constantly trying to harm civilians farm. If you want to play with these heroes is full of free online games horns and hooves, where you can spend Halloween with the animals, and at this time to look for sweets. Resident company Otis loves to dress up vampire and run the farm. He is looking at banks or milk, which is very fond of drink or candy. It is quite cleverly loves to jump on the roof, through the machine and pass other obstacles. The most favorite entertainment on a farm is a race that Otis loves to arrange with friends. You can sit behind the wheel of a tractor, but to show the result is akin to a racing car. Rural roads are not as good as the race track, but the more interesting it will be an adventure. Otis does not like small cars, because its size is impressive, so playing online with him, you sit behind the wheel of the truck. The free online games horns and hooves and can train your brain by playing puzzle or quest items. This will acquaint you more with the farmers life, because every picture tells about the new adventure of the animals on the farm. Fold the picture, look for differences and items interesting, but for fans of dynamic online games, there is a fascinating process of collecting parcels. Otis is urgently needed help, because he is not so clever to collect all the parcels that fall from the sky. The more you can catch, the more people will receive gifts. But once the farm comes trouble in the form of aliens and you have to stand on the protection of the local population in the online game. Removed from the field identical objects for the benefit of saving the farm and get points for it.

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