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Do you like to Gambling? Then the game Roulette - exactly. what do you need.

Anyone who has ever hit the casinos know what to feel a sense of excitement. This sweet and thrilling anticipation of winning is ready to capture any gambler. Even many seemingly calm people may lose their composure when spinning the roulette wheel. After just a few short seconds, you can become a millionaire or be poor. Of course, this is possible only in the elite casino, where the players are used to playing on the big bets. But no less excitement can be experienced in the free online games, but remain at their money. After all, the virtual tape will not require you to bet real money. Most online games are presented in a rather similar conditions. This tape, which is spinning, the dealer, who accepts bets, as well as the field with the red and white sectors. These sectors are numbered from 1 to 36. The game is that you choose the color of the sector, and then a number to put on it your chip. In addition, you can just put on a red or black sector as well as the even and odd. In this case, the gain will be less, but the risk of loss is also small, only some 50 to 50. Each chip represents a certain amount of money. When the dealer has finished taking bets, he begins to spin the drum. And here begins the most exciting. When the ball is carried by by the sector to which the chip set, any player willing to stop breathing. After all, decide the outcome of games. There are two main types of roulette - American and European. They differ in the number of zero sector. The European roulette wheel to only one zero and in the US - two. Also known roulette with two zero. Besides this difference, it is possible to note the different chips. The Americans decided to make the game more fun and paint chips in different colors depending on the accessories to the table. In European roulette increasingly conservative - always the same color chips. Online roulette games will help you experience the atmosphere, the tables, the wheel, the sound of the rolling ball bouncing across sectors. Try this excitement, this trick of fate that in seconds can turn your life, even in an online game, but you can be rich.

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