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Live through various adventures along with the main character here-and-there in games with greetings for planets.

This good-natured animated series you met Wonder. He is an amateur get into the exciting adventures and travel not only around the world but also to other planets. He wants to be friends with all the inhabitants of the universe, and for his kindness, our hero fell in love with everything. But there is one moment darkens - it is an evil and cunning Sinister. He hates all that is good and tries to destroy it. Our Wonder will have to fight against it, that evil is not defeated. If you want to not only watch the main character and his friends, a funny being here-and-there, and along with them to do the salvation of the neighboring planets and their inhabitants, Free Online Games With greetings on the planets will help you in this. Here you will meet with a stunning blue horse. It is a faithful companion Wander and not miss any of his other adventures, she traveled with him on different planets. To save the planet you have to solve various problems. Many will have to think a head, for example, to perform the task of collecting puzzles. Other puzzle games force you to show observation and perseverance. These tasks you need to perform well to be a real lifesaver, the same as the brave Wonder. At every step you will come across one-eyed monsters that are controlled by Sinister. He is the main enemy of our heroes and tries to disturb the peace between the planets. He wants the public house, and your task is to help positive character to win this battle over evil. The galactic space as there are holidays, and these days all the inhabitants of feasts, but this is not pleased nasty Sinister. So again our hero orange, riding Silvia rushes to rescue the holiday. That all went well, it would have to travel and make some feats. Suppose that you are not afraid of space barriers, and you'll be able to bring their characters to the end of the mission. And in a more quiet time to do exciting process of creating a beautiful greeting card.

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