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The free online games can be traced to the whole life of the girl Sara. Starting from the cradle, play in the sandbox, classes at school, and finishing work. Girl Sarah was born a lot of fun and incredibly shrewd. From early childhood, she quickly grew bored on the playground, and she dreamed only of how to have fun. Sarah has a whole arsenal of pranks that it applied anywhere, be it in a park or on a class trip. The free online game you will see how Sarah is bored in class and likes to do homework. Together, you can spend this time more profitably for girls mood. Who only saw the girl once, then immediately understood her shebutnoy character, so Sarah is never left unattended. This complicates the implementation of its pans, but if the girl will be a partner who will stand on guard, all the pranks Sarah become realities in the free online games. Idleness has become synonymous with the name Sarah. The most difficult challenge for a girl Sarah was her growing up and need to go to work. She began to look for jobs while still in school at the kiosks with ice cream and sweets, but there managed to be distracted by their personal affairs. In online games, you can see what Sarah was more important than the work or duties of school. In fact of the matter is that such things as painting nails yl makeup can be done at home, but the girl just heap on the job, and she tries to amuse themselves in any way. Sarah has changed more than a dozen occupations and places of work, but each was waiting for her strict boss, who is not allowed to be lazy and engage in this nonsense in the workplace. The free online games with Sarah you're a doctor, the seller, a dressmaker, and a nanny. In one online game Sarah 's older sister, and she needs help to keep the baby. Or rather help to take care of business at the time, as it should take care of the baby. All free online games associated with idleness Sarah, look at the interface. To the right is the taskbar that Sarah has decided to perform. Choose one of them and will now begin. As soon as you feel the approach of mother, teacher or boss Sarah, PUSH on the cross. But it is desirable to have time to perform at least one activity, while no one sees.

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