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Play the game Happy obezyankka and solve puzzles, making the animal happy.

Once the section of the game Happy monkey, you will find yourself in a world where lives a little monkey, is constantly in a sad mood that you will need to raise. This mixture brodilok and quests in which you'll have to find the letters, hidden passages and solve challenging puzzles. And once you find the right solution, you can immediately see how she would laugh, which has a second ago lila tears in three streams. Having started playing happy monkey, you will understand how much they are able to inspire and exciting for both adults and children. Many fans meet the challenges already friends with this monkey, trying to cheer her up. Now it's your turn to raise her spirits, opened the game Happy monkey with another plot. For example, she is sad because of the fact that Christmas is coming, and it is still not dressed up Christmas tree. Fix it and immediately see a happy smile. Also, be prepared to visit the most mysterious and unusual places in which you will be able to train your brain, searching for ways to amuse animal. And it will have to do all the time, because the monkey loves to get into various adventures, of which it will have to pull out. The monkey is so much loved by the players that the game developers have come up with a large number of very different story with this character grustyaschego. Try to play each of the games happy monkey holding exciting moments in her company. You will need to look for treasures, to cope with the dangers and avoid the worst predators and cope with other predators. The most famous game of the series - an adventure in an abandoned castle in which to try to find a way out, showing all his powers of observation and wit. Do not miss the series about Christmas where you want to create a story, making a happy monkey.

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