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More recently, the name of the family on everyone's lips, and they first appeared on cinema screens in the movie"The Croods". I would like to say that the family completely unremarkable, this is partly true, but they are remarkable only for the time in which they live. For them, the high-rise buildings is the unusual structure of unknown materials as usual for their home, this is a common stone cave. All because they are people of the past, and lived very many years ago, at a time when history is also not thought to enter in textbooks, although textbooks as such did not exist. All members of this family than remarkable is the fear that lives in them, probably from birth. Fear and caution quite understandable phenomenon for the time, as is necessary to coexist with predatory animals that, that and look, pieces, one has only to gape. From the cave you can only go out in the afternoon, as severe predators not often come to the light of day, and much easier to find food to feed the whole family at the sun light. It took every day Kruds family, and so would have stretched boring and measured life, if not the will of the case and the special attitude to what is happening eldest daughter Heep. That she went after the ray of light, violating the prohibition of the father, and it should be noted was the undisputed head of the family, but that this act led to the need to meet you. Minor and Sash freely roamed, but did not sit in a dark cave and it was something out of the ordinary in the family Kruds, at least until the next day. On the day they lost their housing because of the earthquake, which suddenly appeared suddenly, and the family had nothing to do, how to recover after the Small and his faithful friend. And at that point it was not about adventures, and that needs a new home, or rather, the cave as to remain on the streets is dangerous and stupid. But the path to the goal was full of various obstacles, differences and disputes, but the characters will still stick together, because this is, after all, and guarantee safety. If you do Unlike many alien to fear, it's time to play online in The Croods. The tests, which are waiting for you no easier by the fact that it was necessary to test themselves heroes. Try to check you could indulge in such an unknown and dangerous journey, or rather easier option. Heroes are waiting for your help and hope that you can give it to them, because you are the future for people, and you know a lot more useful things than any of them.

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