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Once in the Wild West, you will meet a cat Kelly, who serves as sheriff, fighting crime and lawlessness.

There are games in which you can feel comfortable, and the game Sheriff Kelly just help you experience this feeling. Kelly, who is the main character of the games came to us from the movie, follows the adventures of a cute cat, a kitten trapped in the Wild West. When she undergrowth, then decided to become a sheriff, protecting people and restore order in his native town. In so doing, it will help her faithful companions: Ray horse, cactus and Toby woodpecker beak. Children like fairy tale characters from the beloved animated works, especially if these works create a warm atmosphere with a fun adventure on the level of children's humor. Games Sheriff Kelly and her loyal friends find a way out of any situation, forcing the children intently watch their heroes, worrying about them during kazhodgo adventure. Hesh get to know the character of our brave cat. This is best suited games Sheriff Kelly in the Wild West. Here you have to ride a horse and a herd of cows, catching them with a lasso. Also you have to race at full speed after the train, saving him from the criminals. And do not forget about the beautiful game on the guitar, which is able to lift the mood of all the inhabitants of her hometown. Kids love to draw, spending a huge amount of clean sheets of paper, pencils and paints. But thanks to a virtual coloring pages parents no longer have to hammer head with such problems. And in them there is a huge palette of colors that allow you to create true masterpieces, painting the exact same image several times. Try also to collect puzzle, getting brighter picture with the heroine, depicting the different aspects of the busy life of our cats. In addition to Kelly puzzles will attend all of her friends, without which her life would be boring and not so fun. Every resident of the Wild West must be able to shoot straight, and to learn this, will have to play Sheriff Kelly with colorful balls, which must be destroyed in a special way. Also, each sheriff require an excellent education, which can be improved by solving math examples along with our cat. But do not forget that Kelly though the sheriff, but she has always been and will remain a great cat, which monitors their appearance. This can be found by starting to play Sheriff Kelly, where it will be necessary to prepare the mask, giving her fur silky look. Also need to learn first aid, helping to heal the wounds Kelly that she would receive during his dangerous adventure.

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