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shopkinsvillya Heroes is very bright and funny characters who live in a minimarket and visit different departments, and represent nothing more than the goods on store shelves. Surely you've heard their fervent appeal to the meeting at the checkout shopkins, and still know minimarket main motto:"No fun without minute shopping,"and if you watched at least one episode of the cartoon, you probably realize that it is not just words. Of course, at first glance, it may seem that too much to do in the store, and there is nothing, but it's worth to see the series, play games online Shopkins, and you will understand, this store is the best suited for fun and jokes. Only here for a mini heroes it is not only a place for games and entertainment, but also a part-time home, this is where they live, hiding in trucks, baskets, bags, so all of them can combine a word family. They always have fun together, and no wonder, since friends fantasy virtually limitless, who would have thought that jumping through a barcode reader can be so exciting and competition in the folding speed products to cart captivate so that the repeat is not only not be labor, but also bring a lot of fun. Heroes Shopkins so much that it is impossible to remember them all by name, but if you do it, then you can safely call myself a fan shopkins, only spy in shopkinsov list is impossible. Of course, for Shopkins does not matter, you are a fan or accidentally drop into the store buyer, they are still happy to see you at a party. In addition to the products shopkins, you will meet with the lovely proprietors wonderful shops where shopkinsy served. Popetta, Dzhessikeyk, loot, Peppa Mint, Donatini, Rainbow Kate, Sarah Sushi, Pam Cake - it's the girls who are ready to hold for you a tour of the world so close and small that he could fit in a shopping cart. They themselves look as if descended from the shelves, which is only a skirt with a colorful confectionery dusting. They are all different, but it is necessary to see them, and you will realize that this is no ordinary girl, and girls - shoppiz. Now you are waiting for a truly hilarious in-game purchases Shopkins, even if you do not buy anything going, then you have a chance to recharge your good mood for the whole day, because everyone you will see, are able to charge a positive as anyone.

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