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You think sim games created just for boys - Shooting, Flying, Racing, etc.? You are absolutely wrong. There are simulators and games for girls. And also a very interesting and, above all, different. Here Simulation Games for Girls on care. Maintain virtual kitten, puppy, pony, baby - toddler. Feed him, dress, bathe, change diapers, if very small. But the game simulators for girls than management or anyone. Livestock complex or company for the production of juice, a popular restaurant or fashion atelier. Recruiting staff, purchase raw materials, marketed products. And do not forget to pay taxes. Simulator games for girls vaccinated many useful skills. Get in control of a piece of virgin land and create a profitable farm. Plant vegetables, watering, harvesting. Here Simulation for girls Cooking. On the virtual kitchen has everything you need to prepare any dish, and even prescription prompt. The rest depends on your care, skill and speed. Or "stir up" cool party. These simulators games for girls suggest the need to take care of how to dress yourself, and what to feed the guests and entertain them than to the party turned gay.

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