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The fabulous town live two friends, Lisa and Mina. They love animals and so I have a little kitten Sisi. Redhead pitomitsy Mina grew very clever cat. The free online games you can find out what he likes to spend Sisi along with his friend Toto. They will cook sweet cakes and decorate them for the holidays, going to the beach and play there. In online games Sisi wants to dress nice and stylish. In her wardrobe you'll find a lot of dresses that you can use when choosing an image for the cute cat. Mina and Sisi are living in a big house and there is a large number of rooms. Every day for the Sisi Mina caring, feeding her, bathing and playing with her. The free online game you can live a day in the life of two friends. Help me to do all the daily procedures to Sissi. When Sisi get bored sitting at home, it can set up your business. Since Sisi loves to cook, it will open a cafe where you will cook a pizza, or sushi. She is full of customers, so without an assistant can not do. The free online game Sisi will wait for someone to help her manage their institution. A lot of time Lisa, Mina, Sisi and Toto spend together. They go on vacation, where you will see the game online as Sisi get acquainted with cute SEAL Coco. You will need to arrange their meeting and a goodbye kiss. Sisi need your help cleaning, because she loves purity, but as it comes to cleaning, to sleep. The free online game Sisi is preparing for New Year's holidays with her friends and Toto. You too can take part and become a true friend to this fun company. You'll decorate the Christmas tree and decorate the room. If CC gets into trouble, apart from you, no one can get her out. With her love of adventure, it will be in a maze. From this it can be selected using the key, and at the same time collecting gems. In online games Sisi asks you to seek differences in the pictures or go with her to the library, to help choose books to read. This will make the one who has a good memory. It caught the same book, and you need to disassemble them in pairs.

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