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Games Snowball - funny adventures of a polar bear. adoring collect various jewels

When I first heard the name Snowball, you do not immediately understand who is behind it. This funny white teddy bear, which is so named because of the color of his coat. In any of the online games you can get acquainted with snowballs and find out how he spends his time. Bright hero of this adventure will not leave anyone indifferent to the fate of the bears. Therefore, as soon as it meets to open his little restaurant immediately rush to his aid. Its establishment will participate in the competition for the title of the best restaurants and receive a prize. But it will have to work hard, because the lack of customers will not. Everyone will want to try your favorite dishes Snowball, listen to the speeches on the stage and enjoy the fastest service. In this case, the bear will save only the speed and sharpness as in one fell swoop to do more things and take orders. In the two tables simultaneously served Snowball get a good bonus. Pass all 60 levels, collecting every certain amount of money in the free online game about the Snowball and Diner Dash. When things go well in the restaurant, Bear wants to go on a treasure hunt. In this online game only need skill and attention to find all the treasures, travel around the world. Along with this cute teddy bear you go to an old castle that hides a lot of surprises. In its halls you can get lost in this maze of hiding monsters and ghosts. But Snow must go unnoticed and collect all the valuables. Will help him in this matter bomb and a hammer, which has learned to use the snowball before traveling. Some jewels are hidden and you have to break the wall to get to them. You are waiting for 85 exciting levels of free games on this site, are acquainted with all the inhabitants of the castle, together with snowballs, and you will be able to collect a myriad of gold and gems. In more peaceful times Snowball likes to wander around the island in search of sweet fruit. On each level you have to rescue him, advancing to the door. For kids approach the level of Children's toys, and more adults will like the "Charging for the mind"

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