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It has long been known that the dog- man's best friend. Each animal has its own niche in the human world. Dogs guard the house owner, puppies delight in her sweet behavior. You can also train dogs and they become real helpers. After all, these smart pets do well enough in its development. In some areas of our planet as dog put in a harness, to use them as carriers sled dogs go hunting with its owner, helping to catch the game. A funny little puppies just pleasing their masters. If you want to find yourself so funny and dear friend, but parents do not allow you to prove the free online games that you can care for your pet. You can meet in the street Hraznova and hungry puppy, bring it home and wash, feed and play with him. After all, children need to teach the child to the compassion and care of our younger brothers. In online games, you can even choose a puppy clothes and some accessories in the form of brilliant collars, colorful costumes. Any girl will like to dress up your favorite pup. Your virtual pet can be any breed, any size. The free online games dogs and puppies are sent to the adventure, play sports and visit the cafe. Together with them, you can visit all the glory of the place. In online games Dogs and puppies you will have to treat their pets, because they often have a toothache. When your pet is fighting with street dogs, it could be seriously injured. Urgent underwent surgical intervention on the operating table, to save his pet. Some very funny pets feel like a superhero, but in reality without the help of his master, that is, you can only get in trouble, so definitely we need to monitor behavior and to accompany them in the free online games. Even when my pup pleases to go into space or to take part in a sports race, do not leave it without support.

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