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All, without exception, the boys want to be heroes, but in these days of super powers have not many, so the heroism of boys manifests itself only in adolescence, when they go to serve in the army and protect the home or choose the service as a profession. However, we must recognize that even among younger boys can see the game in which they present themselves to military generals or officers, or just ordinary soldiers, because that is how they see the heroes of our time, and was happy to emulate them. If you too rveshsya be ahead when the planet will overtake danger, then welcome to the game the soldiers who most accurately reflect the specifics of the profession. You probably know that without any special squad characters, no matter how strong they may be, are helpless, because even they need the support of ordinary people, who are ready to exploits and fully dedicated. Of course, one does not go to war without special training, and a special secret forces get only the best of the best. Try your hand at games, because it is nothing like the virtual training, which takes place every future fighter, regardless of age and skill, and that skill levels are achieved so worthy of the title character, capable of these feats requiring courage and bravery. The purpose of these games is not only to teach agility and accuracy, but also to bring to you such important concepts as strategy and tactics, because no military operation is complete without a discussion of the preliminary plan, so that no one forgot what to do, as soldiers in battle, losing is life and prevent such can not be, so the strategy for every fight is completely different, and in online games, you can try to work out the tactics of the enemy wins. Thus, you have to stay in place an ordinary soldier who is spoiling for a fight no matter what, because he knows that it is his duty, but at the same time you will be a theorist of war, which is carefully thought out plan, without leaving the battlefield, and to combine these positions it is certainly not easy, but certainly fascinating, because this can not be found in life. Different cards and a lot of enemies hiding behind a variety of games in this series, but it's just as well, because even depending on the card fighting style may be different, try to work out a tactical plan for each of the games, and do not worry iz-za failures, if any, It arises, it's just training, so do not give up and go forward to meet the dangers and enemies out of spite. Courage and dedication will help you to overcome any difficulties that may be encountered in your way.

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