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Game Save the oranges and apples - it protects poor fruit, which embittered one vengeful Cloud

Who likes fruit, he knows that most delicious of them - is orange. About this sweet oranges created several exciting online games. In them you can learn not only from the orange fruit, but also with his friend - a rosy apple. Since then, they have become friends, the couple always gets into trouble. They want to go for a walk when it's going to rain. And you know what can happen with fruit in the pouring rain. They can quickly deteriorate and no longer be able to have so much fun. Therefore, make haste to help two friends. To save apelsinchik, you have to be smart, observation and logic. Do not skip past the attention of items that may prompt you to solve these problems with an orange and apple. This may be the most unusual things - barrels, logs, crates. Of these, you have to build a shelter for the fruit. When you finish to place all the items on line, cloud immediately begins his dangerous state. Do not let a single drop fall on our fruits. After all, it would be a fatal mistake. Several free online games about funny fruits are very similar in meaning to each other, so you will not be difficult to go into any of them. At any level of each game will be the same task. Saves oranges from the evil of thorns that may fall from the clouds, but each level will present you the new conditions more and more difficult. Going to the next level you will be available when the cloud will pass and all the fruit remain intact. With your thinking you can easily arrange the items or move them to protect your beneficiaries from the deadly hail. Parents will be able to see for themselves that these games do not harm the children, but rather teach them to think and develop. You just try to play the same level and be able to wake up already in the thirties. Because these games are so vivid and fascinating that tightened instantly.

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