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Beginning in elementary school, all the kids loved to draw men. After all, the most simple - a few sticks to portray on paper, to get the man. This character was known to everyone from early childhood, so to create an online game featuring man-sticks was a great idea. It does not require cool graphics, and takes a fascinating story, and the dynamics of the game. Free to play with this abstract image of a man can do everything. This could be shooting, fight, race and Flying. In any case, it will be unpredictable and interesting. For all ages can find the game's plot. For a young child fight stikmen not something horrifying, because it just sticks and anything to do with the person. Free with stikmenov can play in the fight, rpg, shooters, racing and strategy. You can try yourself in the role of a sniper. Sit in an ambush and watch for a while, then to shoot accurately at a target, it's so much fun. Earn points by means of successful hits, increasing his glasses. For lovers of quiet recreation. There are games with stikmenov about fishing, where you can show your dexterity. With stikmenov easy to go into space to have fun or get behind the wheel of a racing car or a motorcycle. Stikmen just loves speed and can develop a fantastic figure on the counter while driving on the highway. The only stikmen not engaged in online games. For a couple with him you will experience skydiving, mountain climbing or prefer to show their skills in flight. Show freaks in the aircraft, rising high into the sky. When you get tired of the extreme, you can have fun safely. For example, it is possible to finish stikmenov some parts - hair or clothing. He may want to learn to dance or yoga, and one day he wants to go on a first date. For those who like to play puzzle games for free, you can try chess or checkers with stikmenov. This schematic character is not very attractive in appearance, but with them to create as many online games that every player will find a taste of the floor exercise.

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