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Among the many computer games developers are far from the last place in the popularity ratings. Game "to build houses" and require attention and concentration and reaction speed. And if the tower under construction enemy army cannon, here the young builders had altogether tight. But after all that is what the game - you can start to build houses first, taking into account all previous errors. Built, of course, not only at home, but the bridges, roads, palaces, fortresses. Game "to build houses" provide several levels of difficulty. There are games that provide not only the construction of buildings, and a construction business. And getting experience and accumulated capital can move to the next stage of the game. Build cities and more fun and more difficult than building. After all, in the homes of people will live, and therefore need to build infrastructure - to build shops, hospitals, gyms, schools, and so on. And a profit, too, need to take care, otherwise the process will stop in the middle of the game. Build a city to be profitable, and therefore, we need commercial establishments - restaurants, movie theaters, pool, casino, amusement parks. That's how many need to be considered in the game "to build the city." And besides, what is important, the city still needs to initially design. And to do this, the architect will have to use a little and fantasy, and imagination, and common sense.

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