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In our time it is impossible to count all genres of games, which are addicted to today's children and adolescents. Among them are the puzzles and search for items, and fantastic adventures of famous heroes. But many years have one category of games does not become less popular due to its charismatic hero plumber. Super Mario even know each child who likes to play on the platform. You can get acquainted with the new super hero that has the same objective as that of Mario. Funny lion Giulio in free online games will run the distance, completing quests. Julio has not yet large and lazy lion who likes to lie under a tree and watch their possessions. The little cub is full of energy and he is looking forward to when you play with him and run. After all, at home cub it was very safe and he did not think that in the real world it can pursue some monsters and harm. Simple collision with an enemy threatens the young lions taking of life and then have to start over again. So you just need to be the best companion for your baby Giulio and accompany him to the end of the road. There you will meet horrible monsters, which must be neutralized. Jump as hard and cleverly to collect all the coins and get to the end of the road. The first part of the game online Super Julio is a warm-up, because the further you have to save our cub from the ghosts. He decided to arrange a trip to the cemetery on Halloween day. He did not expect that this day he was waiting for animated pumpkins, ghosts, skulls, and mouse. The free online game Super Julio baby must shoot all the enemies and collect coins. He is very brave and courageous, so do not stop in front of obstacles. Soon the cub will be bored in the ground and it will go far into space to investigate the situation and to collect more crystals. When you get bored with lion cub wander along the ground and in space, a free online game you can go into the dungeon to collect useful resources and defeat all the monsters. Under your control a little lion cub Super Julio will be the most nimble and bouncy. After all, it has a purpose - to collect all the treasures on earth and in space, and defeat enemies.

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