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Everyone knows that the seals are very cute and fluffy creatures that are inherently love tasty and plenty to eat and sleep for a long time in a warm and cozy place. these games hero is no exception, and if the sleep he can in absolutely any room, here's eating habits had very peculiar, like all cats, he loves fish, however, due to the fact that he was born and raised in the rising sun - Japan, he loves not just fish, sushi fish, by the way, that's why he got his name, sushi cat. In Japan, sushi is a national dish, which is made of rice, fish and algae, and they can be found on every, even the smallest street, because every woman in the country knows how to cook this dish uncomplicated. Mike Farley is sent for its delicacy without a small shadow of a doubt, because it knows for sure not only that will certainly find land, but also the fact that this cat has to be nice and fluffy, but still be a large and well-fed, so nothing can to stop him. However, not everything is so simple, the street is not only eating sushi at every turn, but also the dangers that lie in wait for Mike Farley, and because of which, by the way, it is rapidly losing weight, losing with such hard-won land. Since it is on the street drive cars, fly helicopters, and throughout the city there are houses that are not so easy to jump, the Kitten need to be more cautious and prudent, but for our hero's goal above all else, and no danger or obstruction unable to stop it. Sushi and beckon him to her, pulling her incomparable aroma, and what could be nicer than to fill his belly furry snacks, so cat seeks only forward. Help sweet furry seals in his way is not easy, and most importantly, gather as much sushi, and you will see how Mike Farley just grows on the eyes, and breaks into a smile on the contented muzzle, eating their favorite food in large quantities. Games Sushi Cat no worse than watching cartoons, as Mike Farley is not afraid and not afraid of adventure and never refuses to help, so he was happy to take you with me in this exciting trip full of unexpected twists. Game Sushi cat distinguished by their variety, despite the fact that they are united by one goal, but we can safely assume that the game will bring you lots of joyful moments, because the main character in them, cat and seals for this purpose and are designed to carry only joy.

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