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The increasing popularity receive cartoons that came to us from abroad, in which a group of teenagers has supernormal abilities, which allows them to defend the planet from evil forces. And cartoon Young Titans forward corresponds exactly this fashion. This cartoon came out in 2013, as a continuation of the animated television series The Young Titans immediately won his fans a huge audience of children and adults. Animated series tells the story of several teenagers who called themselves Titans, fighting against evil, attacked the home planet. In each episode of this animated series has a huge number of jokes and hilarious moments, making it more attractive cartoon. The main characters of the animated series and games Young Titans ahead - 5 adolescents with different abilities: - Robin - the leader of the Titans, who likes to command the rest of the boys, constantly improving their skills. But despite all its qualities. the other guys do not always listen to their leader, as he is usually in a hurry to tell us. Robin dressed in green pants and gloves, and his body tight red T-shirt. - Beast Boy - though the smallest among the Titans. but still it has a useful capability - NN is able to make the appearance of any animal. But in real life it is a lazy boy who loves to eat burritos front of the TV. Dress up this Titan is always in a black suit tight style with pink accents. - Cyborg - the most cheerful member of the superhero team, loves to play computer games and eating pizza. As can be seen from its name, it polurobot-poluchelovek that allows him to rescue friends from the most difficult situations. From the human had seen only half of the face with grizzled hair color, and the rest - a protective suit of steel. - Raivo - one of the two girls in the team, which is something like a cat. This character loves to wear the mantle of a dark purple color with a hood. Has a fickle and often asks to be left alone. - Starfayer - a beautiful girl who came to our planet from space and still looks like a normal teenager. Often it provides attentions to Robin that he certainly exasperated. Equip the heroine of all the pink that suits her beautiful hair the same color pink. Immediately after the broadcast of the animated series, game developers started to produce mini-games in which cartoon characters relive various adventures, which can cope with only with your help. Games Young Titans fully present on our website, which will allow fans of the cartoon fun. All games are perfectly traced characters, interesting plot and intuitive gameplay that will play Young Titans ahead even the youngest fans. Another plus in favor of the genre, this is what the game Young Titans do not need to download, but you can play online at once. As well as cartoon games young Titans forward rpg free like anyone who tries to play them. having before it a little time.

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