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In games Tequila Zombies you have to deal with the zombies and to destroy with the help of available weapons.

Subjects with zombies all the time used by game developers to attract more fans of horror in this direction. And despite the fact that the dead have long ceased to frighten us, and the ways of their elimination is already well- known to all. And that's before you Tequila Zombie game in which the developers have done a light hint of their ideas, which of course is taken from the movie From Dusk Till Dawn. Like the movie, the action of the game Tequila Zombies 3 and the rest of the series takes place in Mexico at night on a background of flashing signs of a bar. And two of the hero who must fight with the crowd of the dead, attacking them from both sides. Most likely these characters ordinary workers, which zombies attack caught by surprise at a time when they wanted to have a few shots of tequila in this bar. Where did these vampires do not know, maybe they were driven there always are either destroyed or sent illegally to the United States, which is able to deal well with this problem. But it is time to return to the game Tequila Zombies 2 and the remaining parts. No matter what part of the game you start your opposition to the dead, all you need to do the same: to control a hero, fight zombies, collect bonuses coming across, kill zombies and backed by tequila. If you have a question, why do have to play in the game Tequila Zombies, where did this name. the answer is quite simple. This drink is prepared here, out of the blue agave, and development ideas, it is perfectly suited for the destruction of the walking dead. He is able not only to support the fighter force, but also become an excellent weapon against enemies. After collecting inside the body the required amount of alcohol, the hero can activate his superpowers and destroy all enemies in front of you. Begin to play zombie Tequila, where the night seems endless and endless amount of zombies. One gets the feeling that the zombies produces some machine nearby, immediately sending them against you. First you start your opposition to this dead with only one machete, but to stand for too long will not turn against them with this weapon. Therefore, you will fall on top of the box, which is different firearms to destroy the zombies that will be much more fun. For the destruction of enemies you will be received points that can be spent at the store online game Tequila Zombies, getting them more powerful arsenal. Choose a suitable weapon and start to conduct reprisals against these enemies, controlling your character using the AD keys, firing space and lifting objects with S. keys This simple control allows you to immerse your head in the game process and destroy the enemies surrounding you on all sides.

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